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Business Overview
Dulhunty Power is a manufacturer and supplier of quality Electricity Transmission and Distribution products. The company has manufacturing plants in Australia (Sydney), Thailand (Bangkok) and Malaysia (Darul Ehsan), as well as sales offices in New Zealand (Auckland).
The company supplies its own branded products to both utilities and contractors throughout Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Asia Pacific region. Via its Thai operations, it also supplies on an OEM basis, fittings and products for numerous European and American companies involved in the electricity transmission and distribution sector.

Apart from manufacturing and selling a large range of its own products, Dulhunty Power also represents a number of other manufacturers, supplying products including glass, porcelain and composite insulators, substation fittings, fault indicators, height meters, tension monitoring systems, switchgear, corona cameras, and high temperature conductor.

Dulhunty Power arose via the merger of Dulhunty Industries Pty. Ltd. founded by industry veteran Mr. Philip Dulhunty and Dulhunty Engineering Ltd., a Hong Kong-based company that established Dulhunty Yangzhou Line Fittings Co. Ltd. in the mid-1990s.

Dulhunty Power is most well known for its range of vibration control products and its technical capability in measuring and resolving vibration control problems in transmission line applications. The company has invested heavily in developing products and solutions for aeolian vibration, and is perhaps the foremost company in this field in the world.
Dulhunty Power Australia is ISO9001:2008 certified and now incorporates a NATA certified laboratory, capable of conducting mechanical testing across a broad spectrum of products.
Dulhunty Power has greatly expanded its horizons with sales to the Middle East, Finland, Russia, Morocco, China, North America and Asia Pacific countries.
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